Tipp-Ex Pocket Mouse Correction Tape White Pack 10

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Tipp-Ex Pocket Mouse is a high-quality iconic correction tape in an easy-to-use and fun mouse-shaped case, making it the perfect addition to your pencil case. With its instantly dry formula, you can quickly erase your mistakes and get working straight away. Completely odourless and with 10m of iconic correction tape, the Pocket Mouse is ideal for home, the office or school.


  • Iconic correction tape with tear-resistant polyester film gives you a quick and easy way to make amends to your work
  • Extra-fast drying time for instant rewriting
  • Protective cap prevents damage to tape and it has a rewinding mechanism
  • Accurate application for both left and right handers
  • 10m of iconic correction tape

Type: Correction Media
Manufacturer: Bic
Brand: Tipp-Ex
Style: Mouse