Terms & Conditions

These are our terms and conditions of business.

The supply of services and goods by CDA Technology Ltd. (“the seller”) shall be subject to and conditional upon acceptance of the following terms and conditions. Where there is any conflict between these conditions and any proposed by the buyer of the goods (“the buyer”) these terms and conditions shall be applicable. Any condition which the buyer wishes to apply on any supply of goods must be specifically agreed in prior and in writing by the seller. 

The title of goods, or services supplied and the equitable ownership, shall remain with the seller until full payment has been received by the seller for all amounts due in respect of the goods, or services supplied.


The risk in goods supplied shall pass to the buyer on delivery into the buyer’s possession (or to the carrier or place of delivery nominated by the buyer) and the seller shall be under no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage occurring thereafter. 


Responsibility for damage to or loss of goods in transit (prior to the passing of the risk in the goods) will only be accepted by the seller if the buyer notifies the seller within 24 (working) hours of delivery.  Claims for shortages or damage will not be accepted after a clear receipt has been given to the seller or the seller’s agent. If goods are not able to be examined on delivery, any delivery documents presented to the buyer should be signed “Unexamined” and any damage or shortage discovered after examination of the goods, notified in writing to the seller within 24 working hours after the delivery is made. 

All prices quoted by the seller are subject to alteration without notice unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by the seller, or stated expressly in the form of tender issued by the buyer. 

All prices quoted by the seller will be exclusive of VAT where applicable. VAT will be charged on invoices at the rate in force. The tax status of the buyer shall be a matter between the buyer and the appropriate tax authority and the seller accepts no responsibility for these matters.

The seller reserves the right, should circumstance dictate, to offer a product of a specification that differs from that detailed in the online catalogue. In such cases every effort would be made to supply a product of at least the same quality and will contact the buyer prior to any substitution, for approval. 

The seller accepts no liability for any loss, damages or expenses arising from the late delivery of goods by the seller, its agents or its agents’ carriers, due to any cause whatsoever. Any delivery time, or date for despatch, or delivery date that the seller may offer, is accordingly an estimate only and should not be relied upon. The seller will however, make every effort to seek to achieve delivery dates specified, as far as it is within it’s power to do so.

Please note that with furniture and other large items the price quoted is for delivery to ground floor. Should you have a particular delivery requirement please enquire before placing your order. An additional charge may be levied for deliveries within a specified timeframe. 


Website purchases will, in general be payable with the order. Details of the payment types that are acceptable will be displayed on the website. Payment, unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing between the seller and the buyer, where the goods are supplied on credit, is due thirty days from the date of the seller’s invoice. Failure on the part of the buyer to pay the seller’s invoices in the time stated may result in the seller taking appropriate action to recover the debt, or suspension of the buyer’s authority to purchase goods or services from the seller.


In general any dealings which the seller may enter into, including any contracts for the supply of goods with other parties, including buyers shall be contracted by the conditions mentioned above.

In addition, the seller will ensure that no condition that the buyer may seek to impose on any subsequent contract between the buyer and seller conflicts with any of the conditions under which the seller normally operates. Should such conflicts be discovered subsequent to the commencement of a contract, the seller reserves the right to terminate, without further notice, any such agreement in which case the seller will have no liability in respect of any losses or damage or expenses arising.