Avery CD Design Kit 117mm 10 Inserts and 24 labels

Avery CD Design Kit 117mm 10 Inserts and 24 labels

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Technical problems can cause us all a headache at times. It’s awful when you’ve spent so much time creating documents only to lose the media data further down the line. Make sure important information isn’t lost by backing up your work. You can save documents on a disc, but how do you know what’s on each disc? Simply add a CD Label, CD insert and CD cover. It takes no time to create printed CD cover labels that are clear and easy to read. This is better than trying to read handwriting and looks incredibly professional. This pack of CD Labels, CD inserts and CD covers will help to save documents professionally. Avery Data Media Labels helps organise the way you store data, making it easier to do and easy to find. Each part of this pack can be customised as you wish. Visit www.avery.co.uk to find free online Templates & Software, to create and print you all you need, input your information and images or logos and then simply print. You can even personalise every single CD label to make the recipient feel special. Printing is easy with free software from Avery. We have been developing template and software solutions for over 20 years and we offer various free tools to help you print including Design & Print software, templates for Microsoft Word, downloadable Avery Wizard for use with Microsoft® Office® and apps for tablets and mobiles. To get the most out of Avery products we recommend using our free Design & Print Software available online or as a desktop download at avery.co.uk/print. Here you’ll find all sorts of inspiring pre-designs, templates and creative tools. Design & Print enables you to create beautiful looking labels, cards and transfers to suit any occasion. Whether you need to run a mail merge, send a package to an old friend, create fun stickers, some new business cards or you simply need some smart labels to organise your office or home, Avery Design & Print can help you make them look great and print easily. Following simple steps on or offline, or even on your tablet, you can easily add a logo, photos, text or even a barcode to your design.


  • Ø 117 mm, Permanent, 2 Labels Per Sheet, 24 Labels Per Pack
  • Kit contains: Design & Print software, unique label applicator and a selection of CD labels and case inserts
  • Curved applicator means the label is rolled smoothly onto the CD with no wrinkles or bubbles
  • Labels have practical, removable wings that help centralise the design without touching the label or the CD
  • Ideal for labelling your music, photo and video collections
  • Save time with our FREE, easy-to-use template software; Avery Design and Print

Type: PC Software
Manufacturer: Avery UK
Brand: Avery