Avery Plated Riser Rods Silver 404Z-118 (PK4)

Avery Plated Riser Rods Silver 404Z-118 (PK4)

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Is your letter tray piled high with papers? Struggling to fit much more in? What you need are steel plated connectors to give you extra space. If you add four of these longer length risers in-between each tray, it will give you a clearance of 118mm. You will be able to store additional items in your plastic trays without them overflowing. There’s no need to worry about losing papers down the back of your desk. These metal risers are designed to fit Avery Letter Trays. You can also choose longer or shorter risers if you need more or less space.


  • Ø 5 mm
  • These risers give you additional space between your letter trays
  • Ideal for varying heights when you have larger amounts of work files in your letter trays
  • For use with Avery Original letter trays (available separately).
  • Available in plastic

Type: Letter Trays
Manufacturer: Avery UK
Brand: Avery
Material: Steel
Material: Steel
Dimensions: 118mm