Samsung S8 S8 plus Dex Station Inc TA Bl

Samsung S8 S8 plus Dex Station Inc TA Bl

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DeX gives you the power to transform your phone – turning it from the perfect portable device into a convenient computer. Just dock your phone into DeX to quickly and easily connect to a large display, full-size keyboard and handy mouse.
Our phones are great at helping us stay on top of our work tasks – checking your emails and calendar, making calls and browsing social media. But they’re not always the best option if you need to get work done. With DeX, you can use your phone to make, create and do – whether you’re building a business plan, perfecting a pitch or creating a presentation.
Go from phone to desktop in a click. And you don’t even need a desktop monitor to get to work. Simply connect to the TV screen at home or in your hotel room to work on important documents and presentations. With useful applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe and cloud applications built in, the experience feels reassuringly familiar – so you can get to work straight away.
Being without your laptop can leave you feeling exposed. But with DeX, you can quickly and easily switch from working on the move to making a difference at your desk. Completing important tasks on your phone can be fiddly, but when it’s docked with DeX there’s no need to zoom into text or feel frustrated when you’re trying to copy and paste. Write emails without the fuss, edit photos with ease and craft presentations with precision.
Lighten the load on your commute to and from work and leave your laptop behind. With DeX, you can quickly dock your phone for the perfect PC experience with a full-size keyboard, display and mouse. It’s like having a desktop in your pocket.


  • Travel light and get to work with compact and convenient DeX
  • Create content and work on projects
  • Quickly switch from phone to desktop setup - simply connect a display and mouse

Type: Power Adaptors
Manufacturer: Samsung
Brand: Samsung
Dimensions: 105.2x105.2x47.5mm
Weight: 231.07g